Webinar: Building a Globalization Mindset with Development Teams

Webinar Recorded

Tue, March 28, 2023

Duration: 30 minutes

9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 5pm CET

What’s the most common issue among Localization teams we talk to? Getting software development teams to understand and act on globalization requirements.

In this webinar we’re going to talk about the human factors of impacting your organization and development teams with a globalization mindset. There are successful ways to educate, add practices, and give visual feedback to development teams so that globalization becomes a core value and an expected aspect of the user experience.

Our Speakers


Loy Searle

Sr Director, Localization & Globalization at Workday

Lingoport Logo Blue and Green

Milen Epik 

VP of Globalization Services at Lingoport

You will learn how to:

  • Gain the attention of teams
  • Develop internationalization and localization strategies and guidelines
  • Deliver training that makes a difference
  • Give direct feedback, integrated with development activities
  • Get started

Who should attend

  • Localization leaders and team members
  • Product Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Development leaders interested in software globalization

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