Webinar: Business Case Execution of Software Globalization

Building your Business Case In New Markets and Successful Execution for Software Globalization…or, how to conquer the world!

Even though a company may do everything right from a technology perspective for software i18n and L10n, sales may still flop in target markets. 

Globalization teams are fighting battles for company mindshare and budgets. 

For all of Lingoport’s emphasis on continuous improvement technology for internationalization, localization and QA – success is defined by the business case. While the technology is in support of business success, you must plan, execute, and continue to improve growth through strategic sales and marketing.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you our next webinar guest, Anke Corbin, co-founder/CEO of Globig.

Globig is a team of experts that specializes in effectively and affordably bringing companies into new markets.

Join Us As We Discuss

  • Factors for choosing target locales
  • Globig’s International Expansion Framework
  • Sensitivity to languages, effective business models, data, and your target users
  • How do you identify and bridge gaps in skills and expertise needed in your company and from vendors?
  • What data can you and should you be tracking?
  • What relationships you should foster for success
  • Success stories
  • Hints that trouble could be brewing and what to do about it

Who Should Attend

  • Product Managers
  • Globalization Managers
  • Global business leaders and change makers

About Globig

Globig is an international expansion marketplace and global growth services company, and the newest business extension, GROWlocity, is an international workforce development academy that trains teams in effective global marketing and sales. 

About Lingoport

Lingoport specializes in software globalization, localization, and internationalization. They provide the continuous localization your organization needs to meet global growth demands seamlessly and effectively. 

The Lingoport Suite product makes life easier for your entire team by removing the hurdles often found within the globalization process, including manual spreadsheets, rework, and globalization backlogs. The software manages continuous i18n, L10n, contextual Linguistic QA, and connects to Translation Management Systems (TMS). Lingoport’s i18n services teams deliver i18n development to solve globalization technical debt, or even complete i18n implementations.

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