New Webinar: Continuous Globalization from Startups to Enterprises

There’s a special dynamic of product invention, adaptation and speed in startup software development. Prototype, show, adjust and keep moving forward. Teams knock themselves out to build a minimum viable product, get a customer, and get funding.

Then comes the next phase where success is really built – going from minimum viable product (MVP) to minimum loveable product (MLP) and beyond. That’s where software internationalization and localization should be considered (with business case) and baked into development while preserving nimble product development engagement.

There are lessons from the startup world that absolutely apply to mature global enterprises. With the pace of incremental change from sprints and continuous delivery, there’s never been a better time to make software internationalization and localization instrumented, adaptive and linked to every sprint and release.

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Key webinar discussions:

  • The business case and what the business case means to your team and company
  • How much i18n is enough i18n?
  • Development resistance and globalization
  • A system for rapid change
  • Continuous i18n, L10n processes, measurement, and testing
  • Lowering the development burden
  • Avoiding backlog purgatory

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