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Automate Development to Translation (and back again)

On Thursday, February 12th, 2015, Lingoport and Lingotek hosted a joint webinar to discuss a new integration between Lingoport’s Globalyzer Suite and Lingotek’s Cloud-Based Translation Management System. In a lively Q&A session, Rob Thomas provided a case study on how FamilySearch automated globalization activities between development, localization and translation, as well as discussing the effects this had on process and productivity.

Watch the webinar recording below to learn how:

  • Rapid development methodologies were creating significant globalization problems. (22:10)
  • The faster release cycle impacted the localization manager role. (33:19)
  • Developers no longer manage language, localization files or translation issues. (31:20)
  • Automation reduced the number of errors and decreased the translation return time from 5 weeks to 5 days. (48:15)
  • Automation improved the QA process. (43:50)

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