Lingoport Webinars

Discover the future of localization in our exclusive 2023 webinar. Dive into the latest trends and transformations shaping the industry. Register now to gain expert insights and stay ahead in the global market!

November 2023

Join us as we delve into the evolving dynamics between Language Technology and Language Services, uncovering why tech is taking the spotlight. Our webinar will also demystify the AI revolution in localization, distinguishing between practical applications and overhyped promises. We'll explore AI's real impact in the industry and forecast its exciting future potential. Plus, gain insights into current enterprise demands in l10n and how to meet them. This is a must-attend event for anyone looking to stay at the forefront of l10n trends and transformations.
Join our webinar to discover how Waters is revolutionizing scientific product development with continuous internationalization (i10n) and localization (L10n) strategies. Learn from industry experts and gain insights on breaking into global markets seamlessly.

November 2023

Discover the keys to global success as we delve into Waters’ groundbreaking approach to integrating localization seamlessly into product development. Gain invaluable insights into our high-level software l10n process and learn how to foster collaboration across development, l10n, and vendor teams.
Webinar i18n Guidelines Align Your Developers for Creating Localization Ready Software

October 2023

Explore step-by-step methods to formulate practical i18n guidelines. Ensure your software is primed for seamless localization and reaches global audiences effortlessly.

August 2023

In the enterprise landscape, diverse teams challenge swift localization. How can automation simplify this, making global software delivery as easy as a button click?

August 2023

In this webinar, we’ll look at a Figma localization solution that brings localization considerations and delivery during design phases.
join to i18n bugs course

July 2023

Over half of localization bugs are actually internationalization issues in the code that translators can’t fix. These issues have different nature and require different approaches. In this 60-mins Course, we’ll go through the top 15 i18n issues, complete with examples and recommendations.