Lingoport Webinars

April 2024

With new accessibility laws approaching in Europe and Canada, many companies are stepping up efforts to make their software and websites accessible. To help navigate these important changes, we've invited an Accessibility expert from VMware to share insights on implementing accessibility programs.

March 2024

We invited Trados Enterprise Business Process Analyst and discussed and showed how to use technologies and processes to satisfy each stakeholder and contributor.

January 2024

Watch the video with industry veterans Paula Hunter and Oleksandr Pysaryuk. We've told through the challenges that software localization faces in 2024 and explore strategies to fight those.

November 2023

We delve into the evolving dynamics between Language Technology and Language Services, uncovering why tech is taking the spotlight. This is video for anyone looking to stay at the forefront of l10n trends and transformations.

November 2023

Discover the keys to global success as we delve into Waters’ groundbreaking approach to integrating localization seamlessly into product development. Gain invaluable insights into our high-level software l10n process and learn how to foster collaboration across development, l10n, and vendor teams.

October 2023

Explore step-by-step methods to formulate practical i18n guidelines. Ensure your software is primed for seamless l10n and reaches global audiences effortlessly.