Webinar: A 360 Degree View of Continuous Localization

Achieving Transparency from Development All the Way through Localization

To be fast and effective in releasing software in global markets takes a coordinated effort from everyone involved. Technology is a tremendous enabler for agile internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n), but you also need good people, processes and coordination.


Successful Global Coordination among Teams

In this webinar, we hear from Adam Asnes, CEO of Lingoport and Unn Villius, CSO of Vistatec, both industry veterans. We discuss success stories of coordination among software localization teams and developers and the underlying drivers of such success.

Why Visibility Is Critical to Success

Ultimately, your team can be globally nimble when each contributor has visibility into project status and relevant metrics. With continuous software updates, many individual localization efforts are quite small, perhaps with only a handful of words per file. Turnaround must be quick to stay in tune with a development sprint. It is therefore unfortunately easy for many localization teams to fall out of sync with development.

Systems, people and processes must be in sync for consistent success over time, and in this webinar you’ll learn strategies to ensure a precision-engineered workflow to deliver high-quality continuous localization in alignment with your release plans.

Webinar Recorded

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Duration: 45 minutes, plus audience Q&A

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Adam Asnes



Olivier Libouban

VP Product Development


Unn Villius



David Boyle

Workflow Manager


What You Will Learn

  • Examples of end to end visibility
  • Empowering company stakeholders with differing objectives
  • Factors for sustainable product globalization success

Who Should Attend

  • Development
  • Localization
  • QA
  • Vendor Partners
  • In-country Stakeholders