Webinar: Creating a Happy Path for Agile Localization

Optimizing Continuous Release Planning for Global Stakeholders

Markets outside a company’s home country often represent some of the greatest opportunities for growth and stability. Agile development, with its focus on targeted scope, just-in-time delivery, and frequent product updates has a different cadence than traditional software localization (L10n), QA, and internationalization (i18n) review, which could take weeks or months per release. How do you resolve this disconnect? This webinar features a special guest, Rachel Weston Rowell, agile consultant and coach. Join Lingoport’s September 26th webinar to learn how to apply Agile principles to the software i18n and L10n process for more seamless global releases. 


The Importance of Continuous Planning and Coordination

Internationalization and localization have gained an important place in strategic planning and revenue generation. All the processes involved in those requirements deliverables complicate sprint and release planning. Even with all the automation and support systems Lingoport provides, organizations still need to actively plan their processes and contingencies.

Applying Agile Principles to i18n and L10n

This webinar will feature a discussion with Rachel Weston Rowell, a noted Agile Leadership Coach. Rachel will share her input to help you plan for the complexity of your development cadence and the goals and demands of global customers. We’ll discuss practical Agile planning for implementing i18n and L10n with development teams, QA, L10n teams and vendors, and in-country representatives and users.

Headquartered in Denver, CO, Weston Rowell Consulting leverages deep experience bringing innovative practices to leadership teams across industries to support growth.

Webinar Recorded

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Duration: 30 minutes, including audience Q&A

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Rachel Weston Rowell


Weston Rowell Consulting

Agenda Highlights

  • How to align practices across functional areas to maximize value delivery to your customers
  • Key practices that transition waterfall localization into an agile delivery practice
  • Success patterns regarding i18n and L10n that resonates with development and other organizational teams
  • Development requirements models that our industry can learn from
  • How to address the concerns of development release schedules
  • How to enable QA to support markets outside of the US
  • Managing globalization backlogs
  • Business ramifications of moving to an Agile approach

Who Should Attend

  • Localization managers and personnel
  • Program, product and project managers
  • Development managers
  • International sales and country stakeholders
  • Globally focused QA leaders