Webinar: Technology For Better
Global Collaboration

Making Remote Collaboration and Teamwork among Global Stakeholders Simpler, Easier, and More Effective

When you involve your global stakeholders, including in-country representatives, you get better products with local followings that grow beyond early adopters. Coordinating from product development to remote team members in multiple countries, though, is challenging to pull off in a timely and seamless manner. Join Lingoport’s August 28th webinar to learn about the technologies that make teamwork in global software development simpler, easier, and more effective.


Collaboration for Better Global Software Development

We have had several guests on our webinars who have emphasized the importance of localization collaboration, which can include developers, QA,  in-country representatives, among others. The ability of your team to include market preferences and translation review helps to determine your team’s software success beyond reaching early adopters. Especially when localizing your software into multiple languages, delays can have a painful ripple effect on the entire team’s productivity.

Collaboration Technology: From InContext QA to Lingobot and Slack

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate technologies that facilitate collaboration along with globalization development and input. We’ll be showing newly released software, Lingoport’s InContext QA, and how it makes linguistic review fast and easy (No More Screenshots!).

We’ll also demonstrate how our customers are blending Lingoport Suite with collaboration platforms like Slack, to move quickly with development and keep up with internationalization, localization, and QA.

Webinar Recorded

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Duration: 30 minutes, including audience Q&A

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Adam Asnes



Olivier Libouban

VP Product Development


Agenda Highlights

  • Challenges of coordination among global stakeholders
  • Monetary ramifications of poor global coordination
  • How technology can be used to improve team performance
  • Lingoport’s InContext QA
  • i18n & Localization integration with collaboration platforms such as Slack
  • Audience Q&A

Who Should Attend

  • Localization managers and team members
  • Development managers and team members
  • Product managers and team
  • Localization vendors