Webinar: How Intuit Automates Agile Localization for Enterprise Development

Looking Under the Hood at Intuit's Continuous Localization Engine

As the world’s leading provider of financial software solutions for individuals and small businesses, Intuit’s mission is to power prosperity around the world. In order to do so, the company continuously releases localized products in support of customers in more than 100 countries. In this Lingoport webinar, go under the hood and uncover the systems, processes, and technologies that power Intuit’s well-oiled, continuous localization engine.


Agile Localization for 42 Million Customers

Intuit’s software localization supports 42 million customers around the world, with products available from the desktop to the cloud. Attend this webinar to learn how Intuit fluidly integrates development, localization, management, and reporting to save countless hours of engineering time with its global product releases.

More Efficient, Reliable, and Scalable Localization

Lingoport’s software and services are used by many of the world’s leading software organizations to achieve more seamless internationalization and localization. This webinar will include an examination of Intuit’s use of Lingoport Resource Manager (LRM), which saves hundreds or even thousands of hours in the localization process through intelligent automation, enabling more efficient, reliable, and scalable localization.

Webinar Recorded

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Duration: 30 minutes, plus Q&A

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Lucio Gutiérrez

I18n Software Architect and Developer


Olivier Libouban

VP of Product Development


Adam Asnes



What You Will Learn

  • The evolution of Intuit’s approach to software internationalization and localization
  • How Intuit manages the localization process among development, localization, management, and reporting
  • Methods for seamless integration of i18n and L10n with Intuit’s core agile software development
  • Intuit’s use of Lingoport Resource Manager to make localization more efficient and scalable
  • The importance of visibility in the localization process across the enterprise
  • Strategies to guide you towards a more effective software localization process

Listen to the recording today, and change the way you think about global software!

Who Should Attend

  • Localization Managers and Engineers
  • Development Managers and Team Members
  • Product and Program Managers