Webinar: Next Generation In-Context QA

Unite Linguistic QA, In-Country, and Development Teams for Agile Global Software Releases

Lingoport’s webinar, Next Generation In-Context QA, walks you through our new InContext QA product, which helps your team eliminate the frustration of linguistic QA for agile global software releases.


A Persistent Problem in Global Software Development

When you develop software for global markets, you need to conduct linguistic QA to ensure the right language is in place throughout the product. You may contract for that review, or perhaps you’re engaging your in-country representatives to look things over. But let’s get real about it. The de facto practices tend to be awkward. For many software organizations, linguistic review happens late or after development, with the reviewers or in-country stakeholders looking at a screen, capturing a screenshot, circling an issue and submitting a bug with suggested changes. Fixing bugs takes time and often goes unaddressed or is handled late, only after release.

A Better Path to Linguistic QA

Given the common challenges of dealing with in-context linguistic QA during global software development, Lingoport has come up with a better way. And the good news is that our solution works over many technologies (not just JavaScript, a common limitation of other tools), enabling fast and agile linguistic QA from your testers and in-country teams.

No More Screenshots!

Watch the webinar recording, and learn to quickly identify an issue, enter in a new translation, edit directly on your screen, enter a bug, and have the file automatically updated after approval using your workflows. No more screenshots! You’ll be editing directly in the context of your software. Even your TMS (if you have one) gets updated. We’ve made linguistic QA simple for this old and persistent in-context problem.

Webinar Recorded

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Duration: 30 minutes, including audience Q&A

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Adam Asnes



Olivier Libouban

VP Product Development


Agenda Highlights

  • Linguistic QA in a fraction of the time and effort
  • Building internationalization and localization QA into your agile development
  • Integrating with continuous systems
  • Integrating with TMS, translation memory and localization vendor portals

Who Should Attend

  • Localization Managers and Teams
  • QA Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Globalization Program Managers
  • Solution Architects