Integrating i18n Expertise with Your Development Team

A Hybrid Approach to Software Internationalization

In our October webinar, we feature a case study of an internationalization (i18n) initiative Lingoport undertook with one of our clients, a medical and veterinary products and technology company. Like many managers, our client wanted his team to be a part of the i18n effort, gaining i18n knowledge from Lingoport through the process. At the same time, he also needed to balance his resources with budget, availability, and other concurrent development efforts. During the webinar, we discuss the lessons learned and successes achieved in finding the right balance of outsourcing services with internal execution and training.


Planning I18n Collaboration Effectively

  • I18n is a big initiative that will conflict with other priorities.
  • There is an ever-present list of new features to deliver to current customers.
  • Contractor teams can mitigate shortages, but can you work with them efficiently?
  • Your own teams may want to also take part and learn from the effort.
  • How can you collaborate, monitor and coordinate efforts?

Unique Problems & Realistic Solutions

In approaching the i18n initiative, unique challenges required creative solutions. Could contractor teams mitigate shortages while working with the in-house team efficiently? While i18n experts can do the job quickly, does it make sense to have the in-house team learn from the effort but slow down the initial project? What does it take to collaborate, monitor, and coordinate the i18n effort most effectively?

Webinar Recorded

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Duration: 45 minutes, including audience Q&A

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Adam Asnes



Lori Cameron

i18n Tech Lead/Architect


Agenda Highlights

  • Formulating a plan
  • Assigning work responsibilities
  • Cadence of meetings
  • Project risks
  • Gaining team buy-in
  • How the work gets done
  • Localization in parallel
  • Success stories

Who Should Attend

  • Development Managers
  • Localization Managers
  • Anyone interested in L10n and i18n of software
  • QA Managers