Webinar: A Proactive Approach to Global Release Quality

Integrating QA to Deliver Superior Speed and Quality

When it comes to i18n and L10n, it’s important to be fast, BUT delivering high quality localization to agile teams while going fast can be a challenge. Localization teams don’t want to slow down product development OR sacrifice quality, therefore, quality must be built into each step of the process from development to translation to integrated function and linguistic QA.


Better Software for Global Users

In this webinar recording, we hear from Adam Asnes, CEO of Lingoport and Jim Compton, Technology Partnerships Manager at RWS Moravia, both industry veterans.

We discuss how to improve your i18n processes and enable your team to deliver faster, higher quality software for global users while working in an agile environment. 

Bringing Quality and Speed Together

With software development, there’s always pressure to deliver on speed. But to go fast, you also need to deliver on quality. It’s critical to make your QA process super efficient.

In this webinar recording you’ll learn how to build quality into each step of the process for:

  • Application development
  • Content within and around software
  • Translation
  • Functional and Linguistic QA

Webinar Recorded

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Duration: 40 minutes, plus audience Q&A

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Adam Asnes



Olivier Libouban

VP Product Development


Jim Compton

Technology Partnerships Manager

RWS Moravia

What You Will Learn

  • Pseudo-localization
  • Linguistic QA
  • Proactive development assistance
  • Cost of a bug dependent on time
  • Content development and language choices
  • Continuous i18n
  • Dashboard, scoring and pull requests

Who Should Attend

  • Development
  • Localization
  • QA