Webinar: The State of Continuous Internationalization & Localization 2019

Q&A with Nimdzi's Tucker Johnson on the State of the Language Services Industry

Leading technology and software companies derive the majority of their revenue globally, and new upstarts turn to global markets with their eyes on global domination to spur growth. This Lingoport webinar explores the current state of the internationalization and localization industry, how things have evolved over the past year, where the future is taking us, and how you can position yourself as a key globalization influencer in your organization.


Special Guest, Tucker Johnson of Nimdzi

Watch Lingoport’s new webinar, and learn about the state of the language services industry from Tucker Johnson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the market research and consulting firm, Nimdzi Insights. Tucker has served various roles in the localization industry for more than 11 years and is co-author of the book The General Theory of the Translation Company. During the webinar, together with Tucker we’ll explore the biggest opportunities in localization today, the ideal role of globalization vendors, the future of globalization technology, and more.

Interpreting the State of the Industry Survey Results

Watch our webinar, and hear the results of Lingoport’s new 2019 State of Continuous Internationalization & Localization Survey. With both quantitative and qualitative feedback, you won’t want to miss the insights gleaned from industry leaders. Listen in as we reveal what’s changed since last year, what’s working well and what’s not, and where we need to go from here.

Webinar Recorded

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Duration: 45 minutes, plus audience Q&A

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Tucker Johnson

Managing Director


Adam Asnes



What You Will Learn

  • The leading localization opportunities in the market today
  • Effective approaches to leading globalization at a growing enterprise
  • The ideal role of globalization vendor partners
  • How to use technology to connect developers, marketing teams, localization teams, in-country offices and vendors in Globalization teamwork
  • What’s next for technology in support of global releases
  • Results from Lingoport’s 2019 State of Continuous Internationalization & Localization Survey

Who Should Attend

  • Localization Managers and Engineers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Development Managers and Team Members
  • Product and Program Managers
  • Executives