Webinar: See Continuous i18n & L10n in Action

Live Demonstration. Real Software. Just Like Your Developer.

After the latest Localization World conference, it became clear to us that many of our webinar attendees don’t have an understanding of solutions that bring agile development and software localization together. People want continuous i18n & L10n, but there‚Äôs a gap between what they understand, what they want, and what they have in place.

In this webinar recording, we’d like to help bridge that gap!


How to Bring Agile Development and Software Localization Together

There’s a big gap between what organizations have in place, (ie) an in-house solution developed internally and used only by a few individuals vs. the full functionality of an integrated internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n) system that brings your software and L10n teams into alignment.

We demonstrate how we streamline i18n and L10n, context, and interaction, linking development to localization teams, to localization vendors and back again. We use real software and demos, not screenshots running on the powerpoint operating system. We perform just like your developers do when they are working on a feature.

Save Time, Be Agile, Make it Easy

Software development requirements are different than those for marketing materials. We explore and demonstrate each of the following :

  • Successful i18n is essential for localization quality – make it easy
  • Give teams visibility to i18n issues before i18n or L10n testing
  • Show exactly the issue and where it is, not a screen shot. Fix it easily.
  • Handle resource file formats & issues, before mucking up localization processing
  • Developers move fast, branching and pushing out features. Can you be as dynamic?
  • How do you quickly collaborate when there‚Äôs a problem?
  • A git connector is not enough. How can your process be proactive, connected, and visual for everyone?
  • Deliver context for better translation and faster reviews – without screenshot steps
  • Connect to TMSs, vendor portals and Trados

Webinar Recorded

Thursday, December 19th

Duration: 45 minutes, including audience Q&A

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Adam Asnes



Olivier Libouban

VP of Product Development


What you Will Learn

  • How to prevent i18n issues before i18n or L10n testing
  • How to handle resource file formats & issues
  • How to keep up with agile development
  • How to deliver context for better translation and faster reviews
  • …and More

Who Should Attend

  • Localization Managers
  • Localization Engineers
  • Product and Program Managers
  • Those interested in making i18n, L10n and vendor productivity more efficient