What Development Wants from Software Globalization

Webinar Recorded

Thu, November 18, 2021

Duration: 60 minutes

9AM PST, Noon EST, 17:00 CEST, 16:00 UTC

In our November webinar, we’re going to bridge gaps with understanding and successful practices that create lean and efficient software globalization outcomes.

Development teams have their own needs, infrastructure, and workflows – far removed from many localization efforts. In fact, even what the localization industry calls continuous, is usually just a sped-up waterfall process late in a sprint or even after development completes a feature, story, or release.

Most globalization professionals come from linguistic backgrounds, rather than arising from development responsibilities. Developers of course have their own expert knowledge. There’s natural friction created from differences in understanding, processes, acceptance, and timing. That’s a drag on objectives for all. It impacts time, resources, money, and even quality.

Here are some sample real-life situations that we’ll solve:

  • “Developers are pushing away our localization requests, so we have to play catch up.”
  • “Developers want continuous solutions integrated just like our other tools. They don’t want to have to run manual scripts, or think about files.”
  • “Commits from strings needing localization are coming in hourly across our teams. I can’t keep up.”
  • “I am being pushed away and localization is not able to have the influence it needs.”
  • “Our translators can’t see the context. I can’t get screenshots reliably.”
  • “It takes forever to fix anything localization related” 

In this webinar, we’ll help globalization professionals understand the development perspective of automation, branching, microservices, and more. We’ll look at the importance and possibility of localization visibility throughout development processes, across teams and products in your organization.

Who should attend:

  • Globalization professionals
  • Product management
  • Program management
  • Development and DevOps management

Webinar Recording

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