What’s a Continuous Globalization Buyer’s Journey and Why Is It Important?

On May 13th, we spoke with Motorola’s Luz Pineda about enterprise decision making and rolling out software for continuous localization. To be a part of this presentation, register here:

Get An Inside Look Into the L10n Buyer Journey

Buyer’s Journey is actually a marketing term, but I think it fits well for our May 13th webinar. 

There’s a whole series of concerns ranging from budget, buy-in and security that come before how cool any technology may be. There’s a journey from an inkling of need, defining objectives, research, trying things, consensus, and ultimately roll out – especially with software that’s used across teams and becomes the infrastructure of how things get done.  

The promise is some change that makes life better, but along the way, any change takes effort. It better be worth it. Whether you’re considering continuous globalization or not, the lessons and parallels are about building consensus, making an impact and success after any purchase.

Here’s a short webinar teaser to give you further perspective on the buyer journey:

Webinar Discussion Points Include:

  • The Discovery Process
  • Security and IT Constraints
  • Economic Decision Making $$$
  • Stakeholders and Supplier
  • Early Implementation
  • How to Scale up
  • And More…

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