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i18n Guidelines

Create I18n Compliant Code with Our i18n Guidelines

Equip your development team with specialized code internationalization expertise and support from Lingoport. Overcome challenges of limited time and resources with customized recommendations tailored to your specific architecture, technologies, and coding practices.

Service includes:

  • Development of missing frameworks. 
  • Refactoring of a selected module of code to support i18n.
  • Testing of i18n’ed module.
  • Documentation of pre-i18n and post-i18n code examples as guidelines.
  • i18n training sessions based on the guidelines.

Why our customers choose this service:

Developers are often stretched thin with coding new features and don’t have the expertise or the bandwidth to figure out also the best way to internationalize their code for their specific technical environment. This service documents the best practices implementation that is tried and tested on your code to support developers to create i18n-compliant code without delays or mental drain.