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Lingoport Webinars

August 2023

In the enterprise landscape, diverse teams challenge swift localization. How can automation simplify this, making global software delivery as easy as a button click?

August 2023

In this webinar, we’ll look at a Figma localization solution that brings localization considerations and delivery during design phases.
join to i18n bugs course

July 2023

Over half of localization bugs are actually internationalization issues in the code that translators can’t fix. These issues have different nature and require different approaches. In this 60-mins Course, we’ll go through the top 15 i18n issues, complete with examples and recommendations.

April 2023

Are you struggling with localization processes that seem to be holding back your software development team? In this webinar, we'll explore how to integrate localization into the development process so that developers can start "seeing" localization as part of the development process, rather than a separate step.

March 2023

What's the most common issue among Localization teams we talk to? Getting software development teams to understand and act on globalization requirements. In this webinar, we talked with Loy Searle from Workday about the human factors of impacting your organization and development teams with a globalization mindset.

January 2023

It turns out that with the right systems in place, a software development team can embrace localization. In this webinar conversation, we conducted an interview with AJ Zane, Engineering Manager Measurabl to uncover the demands and challenges of keeping localization on a parallel path to software development.

November 2022

When it comes to software localization, many localization leaders and team members request help in understanding developer processes and concerns. This interactive session includes a brief presentation and an open discussion regarding what these concepts mean for localization management and working with developers.
Software Globalization Testing and Remedies Webinar

September 2022

What practices work for testing and fixing software globalization issues? In this webinar, we have considered 3 stories of using tests and measurements for internationalization and localization success.

August 2022

Most of us in the localization industry are familiar with software i18n needing to proceed with localization. At this webinar, we have looked at the basics of what this means specifically in a changing software environment. The discussions considered real-world cases and examples.

June 2022

In this webinar, we closely examined the process of connecting to software development repositories and highlighted that there's more to it than just an API or Git connector. Embracing continuous localization requires supporting developers with systems that can accomplish more.