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i18n Testing​

Avoid Late-Phase Localization Issues with i18n Testing

Verify the localization readiness of your software code and identify any remaining i18n issues before localization begins. Protect your product launches from delays due to late-discovered i18n problems, ensuring swift resolution and reducing the burden on your development team.

Service includes:

  • Static analysis of the software code.
  • Pseudo-localization testing.
  • Verifies the l10n readiness of software code.
  • Identifies any remaining i18n issues before l10n starts.
  • i18n problems fixed and the dev team’s load is decreased.

Why our customers choose this service:

i18n bugs identified downstream from implementation in the late phases of localization testing are 5-10 times more costly than fixing them before localization. This service reduces overall costs by removing such issues before localization.