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Broadcom improved its i18n process using Lingoport services

Rally Software (Broadcom): Combining i18n With Agile Development

I18n Success Storie of Broadcom: Rally Software (Broadcom): Combining I18n With Agile Development

Incorporated: 1976
Industry: Enterprise Software
Rally acquired by Broadcom

Employees: 17,000
Countries: 40+


Rally, a leading agile software provider, was acquired by multinational company Computer Associates (CA). CA already had products localized and wanted Rally to join the ranks. However, Rally had not localized its software for international markets and had other features to develop simultaneously. To meet the mandated deadline for global expansion, Rally sought a partner with expertise in internationalization (i18n) and automation tools that fit within their agile development process. Lingoport was a natural choice for Rally due to their i18n expertise and technology solutions.

In order to meet the required global expansion deadline, Rally was in search of a partner with a strong grasp of i18n and automation tools that seamlessly integrated with their agile development process. Rally found Lingoport to be the perfect match, given their extensive i18n knowledge and technological solutions
i18n with agile development work, beyond just making code-level modifications, involved addressing framework support and other complex architectural changes



Lingoport provided a dedicated team of i18n experts, architects, and developers. 

The Rally Dev team would focus only on new features.

Lingoport designed a custom approach and solution to internationalize Rally from the ground up.

Lingoport set up Globalyzer to identify the number of i18n bugs by type and frequency.

Both teams worked in parallel and keep i18n issues in check with the help of Globalyzer.

Lingoport conducted an i18N Assessment of the entire platform.

Based on assessment and Globalyzer scan info Lingoport created an execution plan with all necessary steps for the Rally team to follow further.

Lingoport installed Localyzer to automate and streamline the sending of translatable content to the localization (L10n) workflow.

We didn’t have any institutional i18n knowledge and needed an i18n approach that would suit  us. We did not want a black box approach where we ship our code and it gets shipped back  when done. Lingoport fitted into our submit, review, pull request process and engaged in our  planning. Lingoport developers worked as one of our internal team members, and that was very  important for us.”


Software architecture was adapted to support other locales.

Rally’s developers received training to enable them to write i18n-compliant code.

Rally managers received access to Globalyzer Dashboards and were able to track the i18n progress made. 

The automation solution streamlined the internationalization and localization efforts and allowed Rally to meet their global release deadlines.

Developers started to use continuous pseudo-localization testing, which provided an additional step of quality assurance.

Rally completed its i18n goals successfully and on time.