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Transforming Global Reach: How Workday Enhanced i18n for Worldwide User Appeal

Incorporated: 2005
Product: Enterprise Management Platform

Employees: 18,300+
Countries: 175+


The approach to making products suitable for international markets (i18n) varied widely across different teams. Some products were fully adapted for global users, while others have not started this process. There was a crucial need to develop and share a common understanding and method for internationalization among all these teams. The goal was to create a consistent strategy for adapting products to international standards, making them more user-friendly and appealing worldwide.



Implemented an Advanced Automated Data Collection System: Lingoport successfully developed and implemented a sophisticated automated system to streamline the collection and analysis of internationalization data. This system efficiently gathered crucial information across various product teams, providing real-time insights and enabling the proactive identification and resolution of i18n issues.

Streamlined and Simplified Access to Internationalization (i18n) Data: We reduced barriers in accessing internationalization information at Workday by creating a user-friendly, centralized platform. This dashboard allows teams to easily access, view, and understand i18n-related data, facilitating quicker identification of key areas, tracking of progress, and informed decision-making on internationalization strategies.

Conducted Specialized Technical Training on Globalyzer for Developers: Lingoport organized and completed targeted training sessions on Globalyzer for developers at Workday. These sessions equipped them with essential skills in software internationalization, focusing on the practical use of Globalyzer in our product context.

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Globalyzer lets us effectively scale i18n measurement as part of the definition of done. It makes i18n a quality expectation during code creation, where itā€™s fastest and most efficient to implement. Globalyzer is a keystone to our expanding localization product strategy.

Lucio Gutierrez, Globalization Technology Engineering Lead at Workday


Product managers at Workday are now adept at setting precise priorities for developers to address i18n issues, ensuringĀ  that development efforts are strategically focused and more effective.

Directors and VPs have gained a comprehensive understanding of ROI, along with the resources and time required for product implementation.Ā 

Globalyzer has been successfully integrated into CI/CD pipelines. This integration streamlines the process of ensuring i18n standards are met consistently and efficiently throughout the development lifecycle.