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Lingoport offers i18n and L10n tools and services that bridge the gap between development and localization teams.

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Lucio Gutierrez

Lucio Gutierrez

Globalization Technology Engineering Lead

“Globalyzer is a keystone to our expanding localization product strategy”

“Globalyzer lets us effectively scale i18n measurement as part of the definition of done. It makes i18n a quality expectation during code creation, where it’s fastest and most efficient to implement.”

"Can't See, Won't Fix": An eBook to prevent i18n technical debt


  • Get your UI strings translated right from the software repositories.
  • Improve accuracy and eliminate tedious file clerkings.
  • Remove the developer burden of localization.
Graphic showing flow from code repository to Localyzer to translation
Paula Hunter

Paula Hunter

Director, Localization & Tech Documentation


“Localyzer helped us keep our team small but mighty!”

"Its dashboard shows precisely what and where changes occurred in the repositories, allowing us to manage a lot of work even as the developer team expanded significantly.”

Developers and Localization teams don’t have to be at odds waiting for one another. Automate to deliver globalized software with every release.


  • Provide context for translation to enable accurate agile localization delivery.
  • Simplify the complex process of linguistic quality reviews
  • Get flexibility and zero developer impact for seamless operations.

AJ Zane

Engineering Manager


“Juggling the localization process is a thing of the past”

“We're able to see what our application will look like in every language, ensuring that we meet the needs of all our users globally. ”

Expert Internationalization (i18n), Localization (L10n) and Accessibility services that support your growth

Accessibility Services

Transform existing apps into their enhanced accessible version. Our turn-key solution covers audits, design remediation, and implementation of key accessibility features.

i18n Guidelines

Address challenges like limited expertise and lack of resources through our support in code refactoring, testing, and documentation.

i18n Implementation

Enable your development teams to focus on creating new products and features and let our i18n experts augment or manage all internationalization implementation work.


“Hiring Lingoport was the best decision for us.”

“Our i18n issues were  complicated and we were stuck. We didn’t have the depth of i18n expertise necessary to solve them in a timely manner.”

i18n Testing

Minimize the risk of i18n bugs and identify them prior to localization (L10n) with i18n testing. Avoid fixing bugs at a  later stage when it is more costly.

i18n Assessment

Implement i18n or enhance your existing setup by hiring our expert i18n assessment to ensure your business meets global launch deadlines effectively.

G11n Strategy and Planning

Expand to new markets and adapt your product for local audiences, even if you are new to internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n).

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